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Interasma has launched a new Interasma Facebook Page: page will interact with our Facebook Group Page: , as well as our Twitter Account: integrating all the iniciatives with our new web site: regards. INTERASMA

Interasma Assemby 03/30/2014

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Interasma Assemby 03/30/2014

Juan C. Ivancevich's photo.
Juan C. Ivancevich's photo.
Juan C. Ivancevich's photo.
Juan C. Ivancevich's photo.
Juan C. Ivancevich's photo.


XXII World Congress of Asthma - Opening Ceremony

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Asthma Research And Practice - Editorial Board Meeting

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1st. Editorial Board Meeting "Asthma Research and Practice"  

03/29/2014 during the XXII World Congress of Asthma in Mexico City

It has started with great success the 2014 World Congress of Asthma in Mexico

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With the presence of large number of attendees from around the world and a panel of recognized experts in charge of conferences and workshops has been initiated the XXII World Congress of Asthma in Mexico City.

CME Credits World Congress of Asthma 2014

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European Union of Medical Specialists 
EACCME - European Accreditation Council for
Continuing Medical Education
Institution of the UEMS
Avenue de la Couronne 20, B-1050, Brussels
We are pleased to inform you that XXII World Congress of Asthma (Mexico City, Mexico, 29.03.–1.04.2014) was granted 24 European CME credits (ECMEC) by the European Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (EACCME). 

You can download the Letter of Accreditation here.

Highlights of WCA 2014 Mexico City

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INTERASMA in the XXI Century
INTERASMA will celebrate its 60th Anniversary during WCA 2014 in Mexico City. INTERASMA is an evolving organization and it is ready to cope with new challenges in terms of clinical practice, education, communication, and research in the field of asthma. This process started in Montecarlo, in the principality of Monaco, during WCA 2008 chaired by G. Walter Canonica and Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani and it has continued through the years, with WCA 2010 in Athens led by Ronald Dahl and the remarkable WCA 2012 in Quebec chaired by Louis-Philippe Boulet.
The new website, the new INTERASMA journal “Asthma Research and Practice”, the manifestos in collaboration with WAO, Ga2len, SLaai, etc. and other initiatives are also part of this revitalizing process.
We have wonderful reasons to celebrate INTERASMA 60th anniversary. INTERASMA would also like to thank the founders and those predecessors that have kept the Global Asthma Association alive.
Join us in this celebration!
Highlights of WCA 2014 Mexico City
During the Congress in Mexico and in consonance with INTERASMA philosophy, four keynote award lectures will take place, one per day.
In one of them, Professor Ronald Dahl will receive the Albert K. Oehling INTERASMA Award for his outstanding career in the fields of Pulmonology, Asthma and Allergy.
Prof. Albert K. Oehling was Secretary General and later President of INTERASMA and he also presided the World Congress of Asthma in Barcelona.
Through this session, INTERASMA would like to express its gratitude to these two outstanding clinicians, researchers and leaders.
Tuesday 1st April | 11:45-12:30 | Room A
KL403. Albert K. Oehling Conference
Chairs: Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani, G. Walter Canonica
Ronald Dahl, “The eosinophil granulocyte and asthma, allergy and related disorders”

World Congress of Asthma 2014 is approaching soon! Benefit from the medium registration period which soon ends

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Interasma Newsletter

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Interasma Newsletter
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Dear colleagues and friends,
TheWorld Congress of Asthma is approaching and we are excited waiting for the days in which we'll join a superb Congress in Mexico.The Scientific Programme is amazing, with three simultaneous tracks: the pediatric one, asthma for adults, and a third one for specialists. 
Mexico is an outstanding city, full of culture and with the superb Mexican hospitality.
I kindly invite all of you to join us to enjoy this cutting edge programme in a friendly working atmosphere under the motto "Translating science into clinical practice: how to improve asthma management in 2014"
Warm regards,
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani
President of INTERASMA
Queridos colegas y amigos,
Se acerca el Congreso Mundial de Asma y estamos esperando que llegue el día para compartir un congreso estupendo  en México.
El programa científico es excepcional, con tres senderos simultáneos: uno pediátrico, otro de asma para adultos y un tercero para especialistas.
México es una ciudad fabulosa, llena de cultura y con la proverbial hospitalidad mexicana. Los invito a todos a disfrutar de este innovador programa en un ambiente de fraternal trabajo bajo el lema Aplicando la ciencia en la práctica clínica diaria: Cómo optimizar el manejo del asma en 2014".
Con cálido afecto,
Carlos E. Baena-Cagnani
President of INTERASMA

Please visit 
XXII World Congress of Asthma
WCA 2014 Mexico City INTERASMA
INTERASMA is the Asthma Global Association and fosters international collaboration.
INTERASMA wants to sincerely thank the international organizations that are also participating in the development of the scientific programme:

View the Scientific Programme Online
CA 2014 web site

World Congress of Asthma 2014 - Scientific Programme

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Preliminary Programme


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